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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

He looks just like me, but with brown eyes

I met Cody this afternoon. He was 23 hours and 58 minutes old when I arrived in his room at 4:10 pm. I didn't even give him one day of freedom from the torture... I mean.... joy of being a younger brother. He is half my height (if he could stand), a fifth my weight and 1/1000th my age, but I can already tell that his entire life when people meet him, they will do a double take and say "You must be Jake's brother." He is very cute. At first, I was super excited, but a bit scared to touch him - he looked so fragile. He was sleeping, crying and eating (3 of the 4 things I had been warned about and I guess I wouldn't know if he was doing the 4th, because he was wearing theese super-small nappies) and kind of ignoring me. So, I got bored and needed some attention from mum and dad in the pretty boring hospital room. I kept asking where the doctor was and why the TV didn't have Little Einsteins on it. After a little while, I finally asked to hold Cody and it was awesome. he was so small. I pet his head and told him that I loved him. When he cried, I said "Its alright baby, I'm here." I got to eat mums jello (they call it jelly here) and then dad and I went home to play with my trains. I'll keep you posted on my experiences in this New Era. Stay tuned.
posted by American Aussie Boys at 8:31 PM


Hi Jake--- it's PinkAmy! I bet you're a good big brother. Cody is very very lucky that he looks like you do! Do you still like MEAN spiders?
Liberal Lesbian Speaks, at September 4, 2007 1:21 PM  

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